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Daily Message Counts Visualization Advanced Help

Posted by Gary Gorsline, CEO on Mar 26, 2018 3:16:49 PM

We've recently made several changes to X-Link to improve message delivery times and reduce CPU usage.  Some changes are to all editions while some are only to the Enterprise Edition.  To help customers understand more about X-Link, we've added a set of performance visualizations to all editions to provide insight into X-Link operations.  The intent is to show when additional hardware and/or an upgrade to the Service or Enterprise Edition could improve Message Delivery Times and/or CPU Usage.

The Daily Message Counts Visualization Advanced Help

To access the Daily Message Counts Visualization, just press the Daily Counts button in the Visualizations box on the lower left of the X-Link Dashboard as shown below:

Dashboard Service.png

A detail box will display and may say Please wait while graph is rendering.  A graph, like the one below, should then appear for the first linkage you have defined alphabetically.  

Daily Message Counts.png

This graph is organized by Delivery Success verses Failure in 4 categories:

Demographic Messages
Billing Messages
Appointment Messages
Clinical Messages

The information in this graph is up to date as of the time the graph was rendered.

To see more of the graphical data, enlarge the window with either the maximize button or by resizing the window.

Pointing the cursor at the data in the graph will provide a pop up tip showing the underlying data represented in the graph as shown below:

Daily Message Counts with ToolTip.png

Changing the radio button to Compare Real Time verses Batch Transfers shows the following breakdown of messages by day:

Daily Message Counts RTvsBT.png

This graph is organized by Batch verses Real Time Transfer methods in 4 categories:

Demographic Messages
Billing Messages
Appointment Messages
Clinical Messages

If you have more than one linkage defined, you can switch linkages by using the drop down at the top of the detail box and selecting another linkage, as below:

Daily Message Counts 3.png

Enterprise Edition

When running the X-Link Enterprise Edition, the screen does not display a linkage selection drop down, but rather displays the name of the linkage selected in the main dashboard window.  To change linkages in the Enterprise edition, just close the visualization window, select the linkage in the System panel, and then reopen the Display Message Counts window.

So what does this graph mean?

The sample graphs above came from my development system and normal usage graphs would look a lot different.  One would see 5 days in a row of a similar number of messages with 2 days for the weekend, or a similar configuration.  If there were unexpected days of zero or excessive message counts, then it may be reason to look into the issue, especially if it is rampant and/or causing other computer slowdowns.

Hence it's important to track when problems, like data not being delivered or delivered slowly, in a log book.  Use of this and other visualizations may provide insight into the cause or causes of the issue.

Thank you.  We hope this entry has helped you with the use of the Daily Message Counts Visualization.

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