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HIMSS Conference & Exhibition 2016

Posted by Valarie Sharrow on Apr 15, 2016 4:26:05 PM

February 29th thru March 4th Las Vegas, Nevada

BOOTH #14072

We hope that you were able to attend this year’s HIMSS Conference and enjoyed yourself as much as we did, it is Las Vegas after all.  We are already looking forward to next year and hope to share as many new and exciting things as we were able to in 2016.  In recent years, HIMSS attendees stated that some of their larger barriers to interoperability were related to vendors, lack of innovation, resources and budgets.  At this year’s conference we were able to address these issues with the many visitors to our booth.

Our goal this year was to help your organization improve its’ over-all efficiency by meeting patient care delivery, business operation goals and clinical and health outcome by understanding the following:

  • Data Aggregation and access through the EDW and cloud solutions
  • Governance, Data Management, Validation, integration and quality
  • Resource Management, Predictive Modeling, Reporting, Dashboards and Visual Techniques
  • Predictive, Prescriptive and Retrospective Analytics
  • Clinical Integration, how to make it effective and how to avoid obstacles

If you missed out this year don’t fret, we will be back in 2017 and look forward to meeting you.  In the mean-time if you are interested in follow up information or a consultation to learn more about the X-Link product you can email us at sales@x-link.info or call us toll free at 800-645-2962. 

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