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Announcing X-Link Enterprise Edition

Posted by The X-Link Team on Nov 25, 2017 8:49:05 PM

 X-Link is proud to announce its NEW

Enterprise Edition of X-Link Medical Software Interfacing!

This new edition solves several issues with large and high volume and cloud-based X-Link service hosting.  From multitenancy, to process and data protection and separation, to the efficient and balanced use of all server resources, X-Link Enterprise really delivers on all these important needs.

The Enterprise edition is now shipping along with the Application and Server editions of X-Link MSI Version 20 starting Monday November 27th, 2017. 

What is the Enterprise Edition?

It is an expanded edition of X-Link that provides the ability to use more of the processing power of your server while balancing the loads created by X-Link on your server.  It is intended for those sites whom have a large volume of message transfers, short delivery time requirements and/or require the need for multitenancy to protect unrelated client HIPAA protected data from each other.

The Enterprise Edition is an extension of our service edition and can only be implemented on a supported Windows server OS.  The extension comes from the X-Link Process Manager now being able to spin up an X-Link Engine for each connection.  In the Application and Server editions, X-Link Process Manager only starts one X-Link Engine for all connections.  That engine round robins the processing time of X-Link between all of the connections setup to run under X-Link.  This round robin can cause message delivery delays when large numbers of connections are running in a single X-Link Engine.

We've been beta testing the Enterprise Edition at a high volume 24/7 care site network and some amazing results.  Read the X-Link blog entry for details.

Enterprise VS Non-Enterprise

Message delivery times for non-Enterprise mode are significantly higher than Enterprise.  Below is an analysis showing the same linkages with comparable loads.  Here are some details:




Time Period

2:38 – 4:21pm

10:00 – 11:43am

Messages Delivered




12.20 seconds

2.79 seconds (77% reduction)

Standard Deviation

18.39 seconds

3.62 seconds


80 seconds

27 seconds

Maximum Std Deviation

30.59 seconds

7.41 seconds

As can be seen from the statistics for basically identical loads, we’ve significantly reduced the delivery times to about 23% of non-Enterprise timings in this customer’s environment.  The standard deviation results show this decrease is very consistent, providing a high confidence level of the effectiveness of the Enterprise Edition for significantly decreasing message delivery times. 

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