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Give The "Power of Choice" With Interface Development Services

Posted by Kayla Whitten on Jan 12, 2016 3:52:10 PM

Do you have clients who are holding off on attesting to Meaningful Use, don't know about interfacing, or are still manually keying data into multiple systems? Help them by offering X-Link’s fast and affordable interface development services, and save them from data duplication and you from vendor politics! As long as X-Link developers know where the data is, what it looks like and how to move it, X-Link can help your clients achieve interoperability.

One of the greatest benefits to utilizing X-Link Medical Software Interfacing is our one-time interface development fee/service for systems not already included in X-Link. X-Link enables data exchange between a variety of manufacturers, which will afford current and prospective users the opportunity to easily integrate with X-Link's existing interface options.

Check out our Systems Linked List to learn about all of the systems available for integretion today!

Ask the X-Link Solutions Network Team about development options for systems and functionality not currently included in X-Link, today. Email us at xsnsales@x-link.info, or call 800-645-2962.

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