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X-Link Enterprise - BETA RESULTS - Message Delivery Time  - Part 1

Posted by Gary Gorsline, CEO on Nov 25, 2017 4:56:29 PM

X-Link Enterprise Edition has been in the making for over 5 years and I’ve been waiting for this day the entire time.  I’m excited to show you the initial results of how X-Link Enterprise solves the problems of large volumes of message transfers, short delivery time requirements and the multitenancy datacenter mode to protect unrelated clients’ HIPAA protected data from each other in a hosted environment.  Enterprise does this by using more of the processing power of your server while balancing the loads created by X-Link on your server.

In the Application and Server Editions, the X-Link Process Manager only starts one X-Link Engine for all connections.  That engine round robins the processing time of X-Link between all of the connections setup to run under X-Link.  This round robin can cause message delivery delays when large numbers of connections are running in a single X-Link Engine.  Also, if the connections are for unrelated clients, there’s no way to segregate the data and ensure each client’s data is secure from the other clients.

Let’s Analyze the Data

We captured X-Link’s message statistics database for the first two months on Enterprise as well as the original messages statistics database prior to the upgrade to Enterprise.  We then began the process of understanding what that data means.

This customer had been running X-Link Version 18 Service Edition for well over a year, adding linkages each month.  The Enterprise Edition has now been running for two months, and more linkages have been added.

The first graph below shows the raw data of how many seconds it took for each message to transfer thru X-Link in Non-Enterprise mode:

Non-Enterprise V18 Elapsed Delivery Time.png Note:  The gaps in the data in this graph is due to the way V18 collected statistics, eg, it only keeps the last 1000 data points for each connection.  V19 increased this to keep all data points.

The customer was complaining that message delivery times had gotten excessive.  Very hard to disagree that many messages are taking well over 5 minutes to deliver.  Here’s some stats showing how increased volume (additional linkages) affected delivery time.







Average in Seconds






The decrease in September average delivery times seems to correspond to when additional resources were added to the server.  In September the client was upgraded to the Enterprise Edition and here’s how that is playing out:

Enterprise Elapsed Delivery Time.png

After investigating the messages with exceeding long delivery times and clumped into the three "bars" above, it was found the messages were updating databases where the item was locked by another user.  When X-Link finds a locked item, X-Link retries the posting 5 minutes later (300 seconds).  In order to get a true picture of what has been happening as far as message delivery times, we threw out these timings in the further analytics.  We may find this issue has been more rampant in the past and hence a larger percentage of the reported slow delivery times are attributable to locked items.  In any event, the client should reinforce training to ensure users close all edit windows when not manually updating an item.

After removing the messages for locked patients, the picture is much more interesting:

Enterprise Elapsed Delivery Time No Locked.png 

It shows that Enterprise mode verses Service mode has a significant reduction in the delivery times.   It also shows that in November that the delivery times are starting to degrade, but we’ll address this in the next post.  But first let’s examine what we do know:

Enterprise VS Non-Enterprise

This is probably the most interesting part of the data analyzed so far.  Our analysis shows the following when comparing a typical 1hour 43 minutes in non-Enterprise vs the following day for 1 hour 43 minutes of operations in Enterprise mode.  The linkages were the same and the message loads seem to be comparable.  Here are some details:




Time Period

2:38 – 4:21pm

10:00 – 11:43am

Messages Delivered




12.20 seconds

2.79 seconds (77% reduction)

Standard Deviation

18.39 seconds

3.62 seconds


80 seconds

27 seconds

Maximum Std Deviation

30.59 seconds

7.41 seconds

As can be seen from the statistics for basically identical loads, we’ve significantly reduced the delivery times to about 23% of non-Enterprise timings in this customer’s environment.  The standard deviation results show this decrease is very consistent, providing a high confidence level of the effectiveness of the Enterprise Edition for significantly decreasing message delivery times.

For more details and what happened in November, see Part 2.

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