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X-Link Medical Software Interfacing 17 New Features!

Posted by Kayla Whitten on Oct 8, 2015 3:55:13 PM

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X-Link Medical Software Interfacing (MSI) Version 17 is now available. X-Link has been listening to your many requests for feature enhancements. We are excited to announce X-Link MSI interface improvements you have been patiently anticipating. New features and functionality in X-Link Medical Software Interfacing 17 now offers the following:

  • Easy attestation to Meaningful Use -- Bidirectionally transfer demographic information like race, ethnicity, language, cell phone and email.
    • Transfer cell phone and email fields bidirectionally for most systems. 
    • Receive insurance inbound to most Practice Management systems. 
  • Flexible license options -- You can now install X-Link MSI on a workstation or server with our Service Edition that runs as a true service, or pay monthly with X-Link MSI Subscription Edition.
    • The Service Edition has been revamped to process data more efficiently, appropriately restart services after a Windows backup and generally function more seamlessly. 
  • Appointment management -- Create, edit and cancel appointments and X-Link MSI will transfer a message with that status to most EMRs.
  • ICD-10 support -- X-Link MSI 17 will support ICD-10 for most systems!
  • More ways to reach our support team -- Securely send log files directly to X-link support servers directly from the X-Link MSI dashboard.
    • Use the X-Link Dashboard to send X-Link interface log files to our support team for troubleshooting and support.
  • New filters for DaySheet Reports -- Now you can filter by messages delivered successfully and unsuccessfully by:
    • Date and time
    • Provider code
    • Real-time and batch transfers
    • Demographic, appointment, bill, ledger, payment and clinical types
  • Enhanced X-Link Features
    • "Force restart" button is available on the X-Link Dashboard to restart all X-Link processes.
    • Securely activate and register X-Link with enhanced API security protocols. 

Contact Sales about these new features today! Call 800-645-2962 or email sales@x-link.info.

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